Counseling is a collaborative journey between a counselor and a client. I enjoy helping clients identify goals and potential solutions to life's more difficult challenges.

People seek out counseling for many different reasons. Counseling may be of help to you if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Questions about your future

  • Questions about your sexuality or gender

  • Wanting to improve your family relationships

  • Concerns about romantic relationships

  • Wanting to be more assertive or improve your self-confidence

  • Wanting to better manage your feelings of anger

  • Coping with living with chronic disease

  • Not feeling like your “old” self

  • Consuming alcohol or other drugs more than you’d like

  • Difficulty balancing all the demands of your life

  • Thinking about ending your life

  • Grieving over the death of someone close to you

  • Concerned about someone close to you

  • Recovering from unwanted sexual contact or violence

  • Carrying a secret that you’ve never told anyone, but wish you could


I would love to be a part of your journey. I offer individual counseling, group counseling, and primary care behavioral health consultation. Read below for more information.