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About Dr. J

Stephanie M. Eley


Former Client

After working with Adriel, I was able to talk to strangers again and able to go to large social gatherings. I no longer distrusted people I cared about and was actually able to accept the fact that people did care about me. I was more confident and optimistic than I had ever been. I also gained somebody I knew I could talk to if any of my prior symptoms reared their ugly heads again, and I am forever thankful for that. I will never forget him telling me how big of an improvement he saw in me between my first and last sessions, and he was right. I was amazed at how much better I felt, and how much more comfortable I was with myself.

John Farley

MDBirmingham Internal Medicine Associates

Dr. Johnson is the epitome of a professional! My primary care patients were so grateful for his interventions as I was I. He is very empathetic and spot on with his recommendations.

Holly Strauss

CRNP, Birmingham Internal Medicine Associates

I am a Family Practitioner that worked with Dr. Johnson for about one year. Throughout that time I consulted Dr. Johnson a lot about a variety of patients struggling with anything from depression to medication noncompliance to obesity. He was such an asset to our practice. To those who need counseling services, I would highly recommend Dr. Johnson. He is patient, insightful and very knowledgeable. Our patients absolutely loved him and found his counseling very helpful. We will definitely miss having Dr. Johnson around!

Lauren Struab

CRNPBirmingham Internal Medicine Associates

Dr. Johnson was a very valuable part of Birmingham Internal Medicine Associates. His excellent bedside manner, positive attitude, and interpersonal skills among other both coworkers and patients can’t be beat. I would highly recommend him to other professionals.

Edward Alderson

MDBirmingham Internal Medicine Associates
Dr. Johnson was a huge resource for my patients. He was always available. His interaction was timely and helpful. Patients were consistently appreciative of his help. I would definitely recommend him to colleagues.


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